Joanna Czech

Name: Joanna Czech, esthetician and founder of Joanna Czech Dallas skincare studio.

Why is following a skincare routine important to you? “It’s a huge part of taking care of yourself and basic hygiene. Skin is the largest organ in your body. It absorbs everything, and if you take care of it, you can slow down the aging process. Not taking care of skin is like not brushing your teeth…not a good idea!”

What are your skincare goals? “Keeping my skin as youthful, alive and healthy looking as possible and slowing down the aging process.” 

Joanna’s Nightly Routine: “I care for my skin with a seasonal approach as well as a conditional approach, meaning that depending on the season, what is happening with my skin each day and what I am doing, I pick the best mix of products for that specific instance.

As people have heard me say over and over again…The most important regimen is your evening routine as skin absorbs more while your body is resting.

1. Shower: I want to wash off the day and not bring the street into bed with me, so I always shower before bed. I dry buff my feet with Margaret Dabbs London Professional Foot File, which I love because the pads are disposable. Dry buffing is the best for the smoothest skin, as water alters the skin and the ability to buff it all off.

2. Hydrate: After my shower, I mix Environ’s Derma-Lac lotion with their Vitamin A, C, E Body Oil and apply all over the body and then massage with Biologique Recherche Massage Gloves and finish with Biologique Recherche Anti Cellulite Oil or Firming Cream or La Mer Body Creme.

3. Cleanse: I wash with my Joanna Czech Linen Washcloth and one of the following cleansers: Biologique Recherche Lait Vip O2, Glossier Jelly Cleanser, Dr. Barbara Sturm Facial Cleanser, MBR Enzyme Cleansing Booster or Omorovicza Thermal Cleansing Balm. I change my washcloth daily to avoid bacterial transfer. The washcloth is a form of microexfoliation. 

4. Tone: My absolute must have desert island product is Biologique Recherche P50 W 1970. This wonder toner balances the skin’s pH, is a microexfoliator and the first step in the skin’s hydration. I follow this step with microdneedling with Environ’s Gold Roll-CIT.

5. Moisturize: I use two to three serums depending on the night. One night may look like this: Biologique Recherche’s Serum A-Glyca works on glycation, which is a leading cause of aging skin. I mix that with Biologique Recherche Serum Amniotique E and Serum Placenta followed by a mixture of Vintner’s Daughter Serum and Biologique Recherche Masque Creme Vernix.

6. Mask: On the weekend I also mask. My favorites are Meder Hydra-Fil, 111 Skin Bio Cellulose Face and Y Lift Neck and Décolletage Masks. Tatcha’s Deep Hydration Lifting Masks are great when I am traveling. And my husband’s personal favorite are KNC’s Collagen Infused Lip Masks because I can’t talk when I am using one!”

Are you loyal to any pro services or treatments? “I do a lot of LED therapy as it makes my skin looks rested, hydrated and brighter.”

Best skincare advice? “I have doubles of everything one in my bathroom and one by my nightstand for late tired nights.”

What other healthy habits are part of your routine? “Keeping active. Three times a week I have a personal trainer and two times a week, a yoga instructor. I eat very clean when I am home. Protein shakes in the morning and a gluten-free diet more or less. I love Dr. Alejandro Junger’s approach—Christy Turlington introduced me to his book and philosophy. I never forget my hands and feet—I use extra product in both my shower routine and my facial routine and apply on these extremities as they are often neglected and can show age. I don’t wear makeup, so my skin needs to look really good!”



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