Shellie Goldstein

Name: Shellie Goldstein, M.S., L.Ac., licensed esthetician, acupuncturist and founder of Shellie Goldstein Associates in New York City.  

Why is following a skincare routine important to you? “As a practitioner of skincare and beauty for over 25 years, I have been following a skincare routine. I rely on beautiful skin as my calling card. When patients come in for my treatments they immediately look at my face. I think new patients trust my services when they see that I have the skin that they want.”

What are your skincare goals? “I love my skin. Maintaining beautiful looking skin makes me feel good about myself. For my jaw and mouth area I focus on products that lift, tone, and tighten. Around my eyes I like products that soften wrinkles. For all over, I strive for products that make my skin look soft, hydrated, and dewy.”

Shellie’s Daily Routine: “My bathroom looks like a cosmetic pharmacy. I use a lot of products but Environ is my go-to line of choice…

Environ products are made from active ingredients, primarily vitamins and alpha hydroxy acids (AHA’s), which have been independently scientifically tested to be beneficial to the skin. Whether it’s aging, sun damaged, or problem skin, the visible results are fast.

Cleanse and tone: Morning and night I use Environ’s Youth EssentiA Hydra-Intense Cleansing Lotion and Vita-Peptide Toner. These products not only cleanse my skin but the added vitamin B5 hydrates for that soft dewy appearance.

Treat: I get my topical vitamin A—the anti-wrinkle wonder vitamin—by applying day and night Environ’s Youth Essentia Vita-Peptide Intensive Serum 4 Plus.

Moisturize: I follow the serum with Antioxidant Defence Crème Plus and C-Boost. Vitamin B is great for skin hydration. The combination of vitamins C and E acts as a natural sunscreen. When I need more, I add Elta MD Crème (SPF 50). There is also a tinted version, which is great for light coverage without foundation. 

Weekly: I exfoliate with Tru Energy Deeply Purifying Facial Scrub. The jojoba beans gently exfoliate my skin while also leaving it soft and silky. Not many people know about this all natural product. The TruEnergy line is gentle and effective. I love it. When I want to take it up a notch I add to my regime Environ’s Intensive Revival Mask on top of my evening regime. The alpha hydroxy acid in this product makes my face looks tighter, brighter, and glowing. 

Monthly: I clean my pores with deep cleaning pore strips. I like Bioré but oftentimes just buy the CVS brand!”

Are you loyal to any pro services or treatments? “For me, microcurrent is a MUST! It’s like taking my face to the gym! I can’t tell you how lifted and toned my face looks and feels after a treatment. I get monthly treatments. I’m lucky because we offer microcurrent in my office. Marisa usually gives me my treatments. If my face looks a little puffy she also adds face cupping to reduce inflammation, improve circulation, and sculpt my jaw and cheekbones. She also gives me monthly acupuncture treatments. Acupuncture is not only great for keeping me healthy but when combined with the microcurrent and cupping, the amazing benefits last much longer.”

What treatment are you curious to try next? “I’m always game for trying new products. If it makes me look younger and healthier, I’ll try it.”

Best skincare advice? “I love my LED light from LightStim. The anti-wrinkle light really works but sometimes I forget to use it. Now I keep it by my bed and use it three to four nights a week while watching TV.” 

What other healthy habits are part of your routine? “The more collagen the better! I dermaroll my face with my Environ Gold plated dermaroller. A dermaroller is a little wheel with needles on it. When I roll it on my face it creates a micro trauma under the skin. This small trauma stimulates the natural production of collagen and elastin. I use the dermaroller every other day to plump up my skin tissue and keep it looking healthy. Every day I drink collagen peptides from Vital Proteins. I also love Daniela Turley’s Fresh Face herbal tea. Drinking it daily makes my skin glow.”

Kari Kim