Jordana Mattioli

Name: Jordana Mattioli, licensed medical esthetician who takes privates appointments within CompleteSkinMD in New York City. 

Why is following a skincare routine important to you? “Having good skin is part of my job, but even if this wasn't my industry, I still would take great care of my skin. It's the first thing other people see—it can be a reflection of your health and looking good helps you feel good overall. Practicing 'self-care' gets thrown around so much these days but a routine—even a super simple one—feels like I'm doing something good for myself.”

What are your skincare goals? "My skin has always been oily, and still is, but as I get older it's definitely gotten more sensitive. I still get a nasty pimple a few times a year, more if I'm really stressed or eating too much sugar, which will absolutely affect my skin. I've managed to keep fine lines and wrinkles away so far thanks to good skincare, a laser treatment or peel here and there, and strategic Botox on my forehead. I'd like to keep it that way for as long as possible!"

Jordana’s Morning Routine: "I almost always wash my face with a gentle gel or foaming cleanser...

I've been really into Consonant Skin Care's foamy cleanser because its gentle, and most foamy washes can be harsh. In the morning, gentle is key. 

ACID TONER: I'm never without Paula's Choice Resist Daily Pore-Refining Treatment With 2% BHA. This product is awesome for me because it's an easy way to exfoliate sensitive skin. Acids go deep and are gentler then scrubbing with a gritty scrub. It's really hard to find exceptional salicylic acid products without a ton of alcohol or irritants, and I've never found one better than this. 

ANTIOXIDANT MIST OR SERUM: There's a few I alternate regularly: Paula's Choice Hydrating Mist, Maya Water White Tea Mist, Allies of Skin Molecular Savior Mist, Clinique Even Better Essence Lotion (I don't know why they call this a lotion, its a liquid!) and Algenist Hydrating Essence Toner. These are all great for any skin types but oily skin can use them in place of a lotion or cream.

MOISTURIZING SERUM: I use a hyaluronic acid based one and dab just on my cheeks, under my eyes and on my neck. I keep in rotation the NIOD Multi Molecular Hyaluronic Complex or Drunk Elephant Intensive Hydration Gel

EYE MOISTURIZER: "I like Algenist Firming Lifting eye gel, NIOD Fractionated Eye Contour Concentrate or Luzern Eye Serum Absolute Luminous. The ingredient cocktails in all of these are incredible. For richer eye creams I use Alastin Restorative Eye Treatment or Sjal Orbe Eye Contour

SPF: "Having a little tint in my SPF is necessary so I can skip makeup. I also want to use tints that have actual good-for-your-skin ingredients. I rotate between Ilia Sheer Vivid Tinted Moisturizer or Suntegrity 5-in-1 Tinted Moisturizing Face Sunscreen, both of which have only physical SPF ingredients. I find the chemical ones irritate my skin, so I stick with zinc and/or titanium only. "

Are you loyal to any pro services or treatments? "Even though I exfoliate almost everyday with leave-on acids, I still give myself a light peel every three to four months in the office. I do two or three Clear + Brilliant Laser treatments every winter to keep my skin extra smooth and I'll do a series of LED sessions once or twice a year to build collagen and keep my skin plump (usually at the end of winter and summer). Every six months I'll get Botox on my forehead, and once a year do some conservative lip filler with a hyaluronic acid injectable.

I've gotten filler under my eyes a handful of times, but I have a love/hate relationship with it. My skin gets puffy really easily, so between allergy season and water retention, sometimes under-eye filler can look a little weird on certain days. I recently picked up a Dermaflash device: it's this little gadget you plug in and charge and then exfoliate with. It's like an at-home version of dermaplaning, which I used to love doing on my face but would get so irritated from. I have some peach fuzz on my lip and upper cheeks that I hate, so this removes all of that without the irritation of shaving or waxing my face."

What treatment are you curious to try next? "I am particularly excited about this new Rx topical that can deflate fat cells under the eyes. It's still in clinical trials but hopefully it will get approved and be available soon. Fat-melting technology for the body is getting better and better, which I'm also personally really excited about! This is going to sound crazy but I'm kind of looking forward to little surgical tune-ups when I get older. Plastic surgery (or even non-invasive options like injectables) aren't for everyone. And that’s of course OK! I'm super open minded about it all. From working around amazing doctors most of my career. I've gotten to see firsthand how little changes can have such a big, positive impact." 

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