Negin Niknejad

Name: Negin Niknejad, esthetician, reiki master, herbalist, skincare founder

Why is following a skincare routine important to you? “Generally routines help to get things done. Plus, I have a skincare line and because I am a big JustBe fan, routines help me discover insight to the products and their ingredients. They talk to me.”

What are your skincare goals? “Grow (a.k.a. age) gracefully, keep my skin moist, and lift lift lift! I am really into deep face massage to defy gravity. With products, I keep it simple but with potent and intelligent ingredients…


CLEANSE: “In the shower I rinse my face with warm water and my Naked Skin Oil as an oil cleanser and massage my face. I love this ritual—it makes me feel as though I am in a spa.

MOISTURIZE: Afterward, I apply my body oil then spray myself with the Rose Water Mist followed by some raw aloe. Then, I apply the Eye Love You followed by my vitamin C serum. I either use my Nourishing Face Oil or one of the medicinal plant oils I have made. At the moment, I have some tulsi oil, an astragulus root oil, lavender, and St. John serum.

MASK: Every few days I will do a mask. I switch between my Purifying Mask or Soothing Mask. I will also use my kansa wand and crystals around my eyes. During my full-on-beauty days (usually weekends), I exfoliate my body and try to dry brush. Honestly, I love doing this stuff. I can do it all day!


CLEANSE: I always give my skin a proper cleanse when I get home at night. In the shower, I use my Daily Cleanser, which I absolutely cannot be without. If my skin is dry, I use one full dropper of Naked Skin Oil while in the shower and remove it with a sea sponge. By showering and cleansing our body, we are also washing off the day and the energies we came into contact.

MOISTURIZE: Before anything, I spray my Rose Water Mist on my face, neck and breasts followed by Eye Love You Oil around my eyes. Then I mix a few drops of a rosehip seed oil, which I made on one my foraging trips with the Rose Water Mist and apply that to my breasts, chest, neck and face. Lastly I mix my Rejuvenating Face Oil with a few sprays of Rose Water Mist and massage it onto those same areas. The Rejuvenating Oil is best at night because of its high vitamin E content, which aids in our skin’s repair and replenish process. Then I apply a very light application of body oil on the rest of my body. If I am inspired, I will use my kansa wand for a bit of movement.”

Are you loyal to any pro services or treatments? “Deep massage with my hands. It helps to release tension and relaxes my face muscles. The more relaxed we are, the more beautiful we look and feel. And it’s great for getting facial fluids moving—instant glow!”

What treatment are you curious to try next? “I would love to try cryo therapy. I even dreamed about it. I am a cyclist so in the summer time when I get home in the evenings, after biking for six miles during a heat wave, I like to take ice cold showers. It is super exhilarating!”

Best skincare advice? “I keep a teeny apothecary by my bed and I love to give myself a little massage and aromatherapy treatment. Having a pre-bed beauty routine is a good way to say goodnight because you are already in bed. It works for me.

Other than that, ever since I was a teenager, I’ve cleansed and moisturized my face everyday. I think not washing your face is like not washing your hands when you get home. It is important to wash off the day. For clients that ‘just can’t’ wash their faces, I have the lazy-girl-skin-wipe solution: get a round cotton pad, moisten it with warm water, drizzle on an oil cleanser and wipe your face clean. You are still cleansing your skin and it takes less then one minute!”

Kari Kim