Crystal Greene

Name: Crystal Greene, esthetician at CAP Beauty in New York City.

 Why is following a skincare routine important to you? “I had problematic skin as a young teenager, as a result, I started to invest in skincare and facials at an early age to help my skin. I learned the act of self-care early. If we want to feel our best, it requires work. Our skin should be no exception.” 

What are your skincare goals? “I focus on keeping my skin congestion-free, pigmentation-clear, balanced and hydrated.” 

Crystal’s Daily Routine: “Genetically, I have an oily skin type. Breakouts are far and few, however, if I have any congestion, I cannot pick at my skin or I will be left with hyperpigmentation, which takes weeks to months to clear…


-Cleansing is where I spend most of the time. I love In Fiore Treate milky cleanser. My skin always feels soft and balanced afterward and that’s always my goal when using a cleanser. 

-I follow this with Marie Veronique Soothing B3 Serum. It has 10% nicinamide, which increases ceramides and helps the lipid barrier retain moisture. It also reduces inflammation. It’s a gel base that leaves my skin with the perfect glow!

-This serum is usually enough to keep my skin hydrated in warmer months, but as we approach the cooler months, I will need a moisturizer.


-I cleanse with Marie Veronique Pure + E.O. Free Oil Cleanser for two minutes. It really helps to regulate my oily skin. It’s high in omega 6 oils, which are great for oily and blemished skin. It removes all impurities, makeup and sunscreen and doesn’t strip your lipid barrier. 

-I just finished Shani Darden retinol serum and now I’m using Marie Veronique retinol, which is gentle, but effective. Some nights I may apply another oil or not, it varies. At the moment, I like Tammy Fender Quintessential Serum. The castor oil in this product really helps to hydrate the skin and pull in moisture. It absorbs into the skin beautifully and doesn’t leave an oily residue. It’s perfect for the colder weather, when my skin needs a layer of protection."

Are you loyal to any pro services or treatments? “I work at CAP Beauty and our facials are focused on lots of massage. We work out our physical bodies but our face does not get the same attention. Massage is so important, because it helps to bring blood flow and oxygen to the skin cells. It relieves tension, which can soften our facial appearance. And it’s an amazing feeling to have your face massaged. You feel lighter!” 

What treatment are you curious to try next? “I’m about to learn Vodder lymphatic drainage for the face. Lymphatic drainage is a great technique to support the health of skin. It reduces puffiness, drains waste accumulation and has been known to help with acne. I’m always curious about ways to deepen my knowledge and connection to the skin in a holistic manner. I don’t work with any machines, and staying connected to the skin with the touch of my hands is important to me. I’m excited to go deeper with this practice and draw in greater results for myself and clients.”  

Best skincare advice? “I always stick to my skincare routine. I keep it short and simplified so it doesn’t feel like a daunting task. I really do believe that less is more. My skin doesn’t require a five- or 10-step routine. 

 Also, when I talk to clients, they are often using too many products and they are unable to understand why their skin is responding in a certain way. If you have too many skincare products, I always encourage scaling back to get a better understanding of what is or isn’t working. You don’t need five oils, four moisturizers. I recommend clearing your cosmetic cabinet. Dispose of old products, give some to a friend or simply store them in a shoebox away in your closet. Don’t buy a new cleanser, or oil, until you finish what you have. You will save money and reduce waste.” 




Kari Kim