Alicia Yoon

Name: Alicia Yoon, licensed esthetician and founder of Peach & Lily

Why is having a skincare routine important to you? “Healthy skin is all about consistency. Having a skincare routine helps me keep on top of my skin because it's easy—no need to think about what to do, it's all right there.”

What are your skincare goals? “I have eczema. So I'm never going to have effortlessly healthy skin. I need to do a lot to keep my skin hydrated, strong and protected. Once flare-ups happen, depending on what triggered it and how severe it is, there's a whole process of how I try to keep the flare-ups from getting itchier, rashier, more painful.”

Alicia’s Morning Routine:

"my goal is keeping my skin really hydrated and well protected...

In the mornings, I actually have been doing a lot less than I normally do because I have been incorporating the seven skin method—a skincare hack that allows skin to be hydrated one layer at a time.

1. I use the Shangpree Cleansing Gel, just a tiny amount, to remove oil produced while sleeping. 

2. Then I follow up with Mizon's Snail Cleanser: I love this one for how gentle it is; skin is left feeling bouncy and hydrated.

3. Then I use this Layering Essence Ringer Drip - Lifting by Eco Your Skin, which keeps my skin so so hydrated. This comes with an empty toner bottle and you put this drip into the toner bottle, and then you can layer this onto skin as many times as you want. In fact, in the Eco Your Skin spa, they spray this whole bag onto skin and your skin drinks it right up! I love the chamomile extract and licorice in this. Keeps skin balanced, quenches skin thirst all day and helps keep it plumped up.

4. I seal all this in with a moisturizer. I love the Atopalm Intensive Moisturizing Cream and Peach Slices Citrus Honey Aqua Glow because similar to the Layering Essence, this can be layered once or even five times depending on what skin needs that day, without any pilling and it helps prime for makeup.

5. Then, of course, SPF. And I am hooked onto the Lagom Sun Gel. It's truly invisible and smells subtle. I don't like overpowering scents and this is unnoticeable a few seconds after application and also pleasant when applying."

What products or treatments are you curious to try next? "I am fascinated by your own body's ability to heal itself. I'm curious to try Dr. Barbara Sturm's MC1 blood cream, harnessing the power of your own blood, and treatments using your own stem cells. Chaum, a leading health clinic and lab-network in Korea, also creator of Saturday Skin, has some next-level stem cell banking treatments that I'm definitely intrigued by." 

 Best skincare advice? “Getting to the sink to wash my face at night can be such a hurdle sometimes! Once I'm there, the rest of the skincare routine happens easily, but getting to the sink in the first place when I'm on the couch exhausted after a glass of wine is the challenge. The bed is the obvious next step for me—not standing at the sink getting my sleeves wet. 

I do two things for this:

  • I have an emergency nightstand beauty routine stash. There are nights it's really just not going to happen. So I keep Koh Gen Doh cleansing cloths by my bed as I find these super gentle and hydrating while getting everything off; the Femmue Lumiere Vital C since it's silky and smells good and gives skin vitamin C and antioxidants, then I seal it all in with the Peach Slices Citrus Honey Aqua Glow. I can do this easily in bed and I still feel like I treated my skin in a serious way. 
  • I use the iPhone holder in the bathroom. I adore my niece; she's a toddler and lives on the West coast. So while I do my skincare, I sometimes Facetime her since it's still earlier in the evening for her. I actually Facetime her kind of around the clock (first-time aunt and I can't get enough quality time with her!) for a few minutes at a time to say hi, and she's a powerful motivator! I set up my sink area so I can just prop my phone up and chat with her while I'm doing my skincare. Plus, this is the Korean way of passing down skincare tips, from mother—or in this case, aunt!—to daughter from a young age.”

What other healthy habits are part of your routine? “My facialist told me this like twenty years ago, but it stuck with me! Since the back of hands need a lot of love, too, she suggests rubbing them when you're in a meeting or when you're sitting in the subway—basically whenever hands are free—as that stimulates circulation and helps bring nutrients, thereby keeping hands younger. Plus, it feels soothing and energizing. It's sort of become a habit. I'm in my mid-30s, so I guess I'll have to wait to see how this pays off. I'll let you know in ten to twenty years how the back of my hands are doing!”

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